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Every year security breaches are increasing, leaving celebrities, corporate professionals and VIP's are at risk. This creates personal challenges and potential hardships. Modern day technology has eased the process to exploiting business professionals from every possible angle. The news headlines are filled with frightening stories ranging from kidnapping to assault and battery. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE! The list of VIP's, celebrities and executives that have been robbed or had their home/vehicle burglarized is lengthy.

Part of the issue involves Security & Protection taking a back seat in ensuring the safety of the client. This environment requires highly qualified protection specialists to lower the potential risks at hand. The bottom line is that celebrities, VIP, and corporate professionals are high value targets: Not only for dangerous criminals, but for the media as well. We want to ensure that our clients and their family members are kept safe from dangerous situations that could result in injury or death while trying to protect themselves.

Our mission at Coleman Security & Investigations is to eliminate client involved incidents by providing 100% risk assessment for individual's and companies of all sizes. This risk assessment would allow for the implementation of multiple plans to keep them safe. We achieve this goal by using a combination of trained drivers and security specialists. A client who is safe is an asset, not a risk to their organization. When the client is confident that their life and their families lives are safe from harm, this allows them to focus  more on their company needs. We are promoting a healthy image for the organization by completely removing the client from a high risk situation that could potentially result in a threat to his/her safety or criminal prosecution.

We at Coleman Security & Investigations are providing an opportunity for clients to invest in their personal lives and careers by allowing us to keep them  and their families safe. Our staffs' credentials are unmatched in the industry and we stand behind our commitment to provide the most low profile and professional security and surveillance, discretely and efficiently for any location across the globe.  

Our Protective Service teams are available for the following:

  1. Corporate Threat Assessment
  2. Confidential Investigation
  3. Executive Protection
  4. Entertainment Security
  5. Estate Protection
  6. Family Protection
  7. Employee Termination Security
  8. Paparazzi & Media Control
  9. Personal Assistant
  10. Personal Bodyguard
  11. Professional Drivers
  12. Threat Assessment
  13. Celebrity Protection
  14. Dignitary Protection
  15. Witness Protection
  16. High Risk Protection
  17. Sports Athlete Protection
  18. Royalty Protection
  19. VIP Protection
  20. Jewelry Escort
  21. Strike Force
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